Forged parts

Forged parts

Our company has a technical center set up by a professional team, with 26 senior engineers, 13 3D draftsmen and 7 programmers. The mold design of all complex parts in the product is jointly studied by the team. UGNX8.0 3D software is used to design a high-quality scheme, which is processed by CNC machining center and gantry milling machine to ensure the accuracy of various dimensions of tooling samples.

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Jinsheng has more than 500 sets of all kinds of large, fine, special and general equipment, including more than 200 sets of 30T-1000T stamping equipment. More than 200 sets of various plastic equipment, processing centers, numerical control machine tools, etc. More than 20 sets of forging equipment above 1000T and nearly 100 sets of special equipment; it is a medium-sized mechanical processing enterprise with comprehensive production capacity, such as stamping, riveting, casting, forging, machining, heat treatment, injection molding, knitting, color printing and packaging, and automobile sales.

Main products: "Jinkou" brand all kinds of light, medium and heavy luxury car driver seats, suspension beam assemblies, front and rear suspension opening mechanisms, commercial vehicle welding parts, all kinds of light, medium and heavy vehicles Transmission shaft, various castings and forgings, plastic rubber products, "Jinkou" brand car transmission shaft was rated as Qingdao famous brand; the car driver's seat was recognized as a high-tech product by Qingdao Municipal Science and Technology Commission.

Jinsheng has a perfect quality management network and quality assurance system, respectively through the ISO9002, ISO9001:2000 quality management system, ISO/TS16949 international system certification, CQC product certification.

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